10 January 2010

11am screening at the Renoir Cinema, London map

Matzpen - Anti Zionist Israelis
Eran Torbiner, Israel 2003
English Subtitles, 54 mins

Most members of the socialist organisation Matzpen were Israeliborn, coming from the core of Israeli society. Their fight against Zionism and against the occupation, as well as their contacts with Palestinian and European left-wing activists, were the cause of threats and slander, as well as political and social isolation. The film touches on the main issues of the Zionist-Palestinian struggle, through the eyes of the organisation's prominent figures, their ideas, opinions and activities.

Jerusalem...The East Side Story
Mohammed Alatar, Palestine 2008
English Subitles, 57 mins

This documentary covers nearly 100 years of history. It exposes the past 40 years of Israeli military occupation policies in Jerusalem and their devastating impact on the
city and its peoples. It features interviews with prominent Israeli and Palestinian leaders, peace activists and political analysts, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Meron Benvinisti, Dr. Nazmi Ju'beh, Dr. Mahdi AbdulHadi, Professor Menahim Klein.

The screening will be followed with a discussion led by Betty Hunter, General Secretary, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and Moshe Machover, emeritus professor at King’s College, London, and a founder in 1962 of Matzpen, the Israeli socialist organisation.