Sunday 14th April 2013


Saul Landau, Cuba/ USA 2012 (12A) English/ Spanish with EST, 65min

This documentary charts the fifty years of hostility towards Cuba and the attempts to overthrow the revolution and destabilise the government with sweeping and stringent economic sanctions. The director narrates this through the case of the Miami Five, the intelligence agents sent to infiltrate the right-wing Cuban exile terrorist groups in Miami who were given long sentences by the Miami court. Using historical footage and interviews with CIA and intelligence officers, the director questions and suggests answers to the persistent psychological war waged against Cuba and its people.


Ivor Montagu, UK 1936 (Advised 12A), 34min, 16mm, English

Norman McLaren and Ivor Montagu travelled to Madrid to document the siege of the city by Franco’s army during the Spanish Civil War. The proceeds of screenings were used in fundraising for the Republican cause. Low budget, political, independent films were the mark of Ivor Montagu who established the London Film Society to show art/independent films.

Discussion led by Bernard Regan National Secretary, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Ros Cranston, BFI National Archive Curator, Non- Fiction and Jim Jump, Secretary, International Brigade Memorial Trust.