Adding the LSFC Google calendar to your own calendar

Here's the LSFC Google calendar. The calendar has also been added to our website,
You can see upcoming LSFC events -including the AGM and scheduled dates for the next season- are in bright red. 

Once added to your own calendar it comes into it's own so you can easily spot if it clashes with your personal schedule.

If for some reason the website is out of order the calendar still works as normal.

To give you an idea how useful this is here's an image of my personal calendar. Tasks, birthdays and work schedule have been temporarily removed to make it easier to identify the events calendars (LSFC, Holidays, Housmans Bookshop, JFJFP and Pluto Books).

Adding a new calendar
If you already have a Google calendar here's the simplest way. Get the email address used to log into the calendar. In this case it is:-

Look at the left had side image below for Other calendars. Notice the box below it. In feint writing it says Add a friend's calendar:-

Enter the above email address into the box then press the Enter button on your keyboard. All of the items added on the LSFC calendar should be automatically apear. 
The method is slightly different if you have Outlook or an Apple calendar. Details here, but it's usually easier to ask your kids to do it as they probably know how to do so blindfolded.

Adding a calendar -Alternative Method

Some websites post their public calendars on their websites so you can add the entire calendar to your computer, tablet or smartphone with just a couple of clicks.You can see on the previous image that I previously added the events calendar (in dark blue). Here's how.

When you find a website that has a Google calendar (like Look at the small button on the bottom right of the calendar, circled in red:-

Once clicked the following pop-up will appear. Click the left button which says Yes, add this calendar circled in red:-

Once clicked the calendar will add MySociety's events. If you're using Outlook or Apple calendars this may take a while to appear,

I have circled the new events on my calendar to show it worked.

The calendar is highly functional -if a bit unsightly. Most organisations end up putting it on a separate page to maintain the overall look of the website.

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