(Previously) Sunday 9 November 2014

Chester Yang, UK 2013 [U], 50 mins

Chronicling 10 years of an individual's anti-war protest in the City of Westminster, this is the story of the late Brian Haw, veteran peace campaigner who camped in Parliament Square during those years.  The film examines the British arms trade and the repercussions of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in London, as our democratic rights are curtailed and the threat of 'terrorism' overshadows our streets.

Yotam Feldman, Israel/Belgium/France 2013 [U], Hebrew with EST, 60 mins

A young Israeli filmmaker interviews ex-soldiers and ex-army officers about their activities.  Some of them have become small-scale arms dealers with a world-wide market.  New technology develops new methods in the destruction of human life.  Now they can offer guns that see round corners.  Many countries purchase arms from Israeli manufacturers, reassured that they have been tested... on Palestinians.  The weapons are used in the clearance of Brazilian shanty towns.  Suspected drug traffickers are found guilty and executed without trial.  The way Israeli army personnel respond to the interviewer shocks:  '...these people are born to die.'  We are privileged to screen the film's UK première.

Discussion led by filmmaker Chester Yang, historian Neil Faulkner, research fellow at Bristol University, and Kat Hobbs, Local Outreach Co-ordinator, Campaign Against Arms Trade

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