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Dir Tom Fawthrop, UK/Cuba, 2007, (E) Spanish/English, (EST) 47mins

How is it possible that Cuba can achieve health indicators on a par with the world’s richer nations?
In the field of medical research – new vaccines, therapies, and groundbreaking anti-cancer agents – Cuba is challenging the pharmaceutical empires of the West.

At a time when public health systems are in crisis with a tide of privatisation gripping the globe, how is it possible that Cuba has achieved so much with so few resources? This documentary looks in-depth at one health system that is swimming against the currents of corporate globalisation.

Credits for stills: Tom Fawthrop,  film director; a speaker from War on Want

Ian Power, Ireland, 2014, [advised 15A], 76 mins 

The Guarantee is a fact-based drama that takes us behind the scenes on the most pivotal night in recent Irish history, as the beleaguered government fights to keep the country’s banking system afloat. Their decision will ultimately shape the future of the nation for generations to come. Directed by Ian Power The Runway and adapted by Colin Murphy from his stage play Guaranteed! the film is a vital document that explores a momentous period in contemporary politics with tension, humour, and intelligence.

Irish Film and Television Awards 2015, Nominated IFTA Award

Discussion led by Tom Fawthrop,  Film Director, and John Hilary, Executive Director, War on Want.

Credits for still: John Kerlleher Media

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