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Silvia Boarini, Linda Paganelli, Israel, 2016, (PG), Arabic/English, [EST] 58 mins.
The Al Turi maintain that the lands they live on, in Al Araqib, in the Negev, have belonged to them since before the time of the Ottoman Empire. Yet, since the creation of Israel, their land ownership rights have been denied by the very state of which they are now full citizens. On 27th July 2010 state authorities razed their village to the ground; since then it had been demolished by the state and rebuilt by the people some 97 times.
The Al Turi share their stories and hopes for the future. They talk of the difficulties of being 'unrecognized', of the paradox of being considered 'invaders'.

REYKJAVIK RISING. Iceland’s untold story

Danny MitchellRosa Weber UK/Iceland, 2014, English/Icelandic, [EST] 45 mins
This beautiful and moving documentary depicts and analyzes what happened the last time the Icelanders got fed up with their politicians, the political system, and the banking system. Filled with insightful and engaged people, this film is a MUST SEE! In response to widespread media silence and a growing global trend towards people-led movements, the documentary explores how and why the people of Iceland resisted the measures imposed by their government following the crisis of 2008 and how they forced their government to resign in an attempt to forge a new political path.

Speakers: Linda Ramsden, Founder ICAHDUK and 
Ken Livingstone, former Leader of the GLC from 1981-1986 and Mayor of London from 2000 to 2008, writer.

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