Sunday 11th November 2012


Edward Milner, UK 1989 (E) 105 mins, some EST

The B52 carpet bombing during the Vietnam War punctured the landscape with 21 million craters, and Agent Orange laid bare over 2 million hectares of forest and farm land. Despite some disturbing images the director, a biologist, captures the spirit of the people who reclaim the war torn land and rebuild the fragile ecosystem. They re-cultivate the mangrove swamps, replant the eroded coastal lands encouraging the return of rare birds and marine life, and teach their youth to recreate the rain forests.

Special Jury Prize, Canada 1989; Best Film made for Television, New York 1990.


Van Maximilian Carlson, USA 2010 (E) 3 mins

This trailer was made for the Glastonbury Festival. Bhopali is a powerful documentary that followed several second-generation children and their families as they cope with the medical and social consequences of the world’s worst industrial disaster, the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal, India and the contamination of ground water. The Bhopalis continue the fight for justice against the US corporation Union Carbide, the second largest world chemical company and a London Olympic Games 2012 sponsor.

Grand Jury Award, Slamdance 2011; Best Documentary, LA International 2011
Remembrance Day discussion led by Edward Milner, with Len Aldis of the Britain Vietnam Friendship Society and Colin Toogood, campaigns co-ordinator for the Bhopal Medical Appeal