Sunday 10th November; 10.20 for 11am


Lewis Milestone, USA 1930 [PG], 130 mins

Based on the novel by the war veteran Erich Maria Remarque, this film follows a group of young German recruits who enthusiastically enlist in World War 1. They experience the daily harshness and horrors of trench warfare and question the moral basis of war which had once seemed clear. While on leave they become disillusioned with the mindless patriotism and ignorance, and in the trenches they struggle with loss of innocence while holding on to their humanity.

This is the restored 1930 film, containing important sections missing from the subsequent abridged version [103 mins], Milestone and lead actor Lew Ayres died before seeing the completed restoration. We are grateful to Universal Pictures for their screening permission.

Academy Award 1930, the first war film to win an Oscar

Discussion led by Tony Benn, with Kate Hudson, General Secretary, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and Dr Toby Haggith of the Imperial War Museum Film Section