Sunday 8 December 2013; 10.20 for 11.00am


Susanne Rostock, USA 2011 [12A], 103 mins

This documentary narrated by Harry Belafonte follows his rise to fame as a singer, actor and activist touring a segregated country. Integrating original interviews with archive material from local and mainstream media, it illustrates the singer’s commitment to the civil rights movement in the US, to South Africa and to human rights and justice globally. The film raises broader issues of civil liberties, their entrenchment within a racist culture and questions the way forward.
Winner Vancouver International Festival 2011, Best Documentary NAMIC Vision Award 2012



Uzma Hussain, UK 2012 [E], 14 min

High lighting land deliberately left under-used, Egham eco-village activists live on woodland left dormant by developers. Ash trees become sustainable structures, wattle and daub techniques replace industrial models; solar power generates light sources and recharges laptops; food comes from organic vegetables and a permaculture garden. This is modern living ‘off the grid’ and demonstrated in the workshops they run, against the background of a court injunction, eviction notices and police visits.

Discussion led by Jacqui Mckenzie, Caribbean Labour Solidarity, and Simon Moore Egham Eco-Villager.